MDF Christmas Yard Stakes 4 Piece Set


This 4 piece Christmas Holiday Yard Decoration stakes are the ideal winter decorations for any front or back yard, porch, driveway, etc. It can be put along the fence, in your garden, or on your lawn. It can even be put indoors in flower pots in your living room, or greet your guests in an umbrella stand. These stakes have multiple designs that work great with any decor and have glitter on them, so when a light shines on them, even in the dark, they will sparkle back a welcome! The 4 designs are a Christmas tree, Snata, a snowman and a penguin.These yard stakes are a must have because their classic style and cool designs will bring joy to your Holiday and give your home the perfect Holiday vibes! Just scatter these stakes around your lot and home and have a Merry Christmas!!

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